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Simply Irresistible Single Woman

100 Empowering Life Hacks to Discover Your Secret Wealth,
Sizzling Nuggets to Make you an Ecstatic Lover, & Strategies to Live your Dreams

Are you disenchanted in your pursuit of finding the eligible bachelor that will treat you as the queen and serenade you with the ecstatic love that you are worthy of?
Do you long to find your dream lover and destiny partner for a successful marriage?
Do you need the specific blueprint to build the dream life you fantasize about? How much will it be worth in your life if you could access secret map of super achievers to navigate your way to true success?
Are you stuck on the treadmill of life, laboring yet with no real progress to your aspirations? Are you meandering through life with no sense of purpose and personal fulfillment? Do you feel disillusioned about your financial goals and suffering from low self esteem that had bankrupted your confidence to pursue the life you deserve?
All your attempts to achieve your goals to create wealth, break the cycle of impoverishment, and make positive changes in your life will be a waste of time because of one simple fact… you’re building your dream life with the unproven blueprint!
It’s not your fault. Almost all of us have been sold a lie that isn’t based on proven biblical principles and pragmatic researched concepts.
What new breakthrough research about successful bachelorettes reveals:
The research studying the world’s most successful eligible bachelorettes and high achieving singles reveals something astounding, they don’t rely on strenous pursuit of their ambitions or settle for commonly acceptable cultural stereotypes or political correctness… nor do they start with a fiscal advantage. Instead, they use divine secrets and innovative life solutions that help them to navigate to the guaranteed romantic rendezvous to locate their dream lover. In addition they also access the keys to unlock the vaults of their destiny to discover the treasure of their divine potential and become successful as a result.
Once you tap into these biblical secrets in SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE SINGLE WOMAN book you will discover the map to navigate your life to the pinnacle of fulfillment. The life of significance, romantic ecstasy and the impact you’ve been searching will be unleashed as a natural byproduct.
The best part is, these are divine secrets that you can harness even if true love has eluded you; even when you are clueless on how to achieve your aspirations, and are shackled by financial liabilities and traditional dogmatic church concepts have all failed you.

Armed with the strategies in Simply Irresistible Single Woman Book, you’re Going to discover the break through concepts like-

Unleash the Potential for Greatness.

How biblical principles about destiny will help unleash the potential for greatness.

Move towards your Aspirations
Biblical proven ways to keep yourself moving towards your aspirations an
actually enjoying the process.
Achieve your Goals
How to avoid the common mistake that makes achieving your goals next to
Empowered by Purpose

Why trying to succeed without being empowered by purpose is futile, and what you should do instead.

Maximize your Resources

How to maximize your resources to live your best life now.

Attract your Dream Lover

Learn secrets to make your dream man pursue you

Secure your Dream Marriage

Access divine strategies to secure your dream marriage and find true love

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Book Reviews

  • Very informative and interesting. I think women will enjoy reading it, and it’s definitely an empowering experience if women will take to heart your suggestions. Super personal! I’ve never read anything quite like it. Very honest, forthright and compelling. Great job!
    Barbara Beck
    TV Host - Good life 45
  • A MUST READ thought-provoking and breathtaking single ladies guide by Pamela Mantey to achieving a God purposed life, winning Gods’ Heart and directions to your assigned Man
    Sarah Spendlove
    Tampa, FL
  • Pamela Mantey is an accomplished writer, one that writes with passion about subjects relevant to a generation of women that need her voice. Marriage can often be a minefield. Two becoming one, is not as easy as the preacher made it seem. This book gives practical advice to help women be successful in not only the area of marriage, but everything pertaining to life in general. This is a must read!
    Pastor Beverly Brown Orlando
    Pastor Beverly Brown Orlando
    Pastor Orlando
  •  Pamela Mantey becomes your personal marriage coach in her new book, “Irresistible Wife,” as she shares how she overcame her own personal struggles within her marriage. Each chapter in her book is packed with scriptures and lessons that reveal how to meet your spouse’s needs, physically, sexually, emotionally and spiritually. Her book will give you the keys to empower yourself to know your worth, avoid pitfalls of marriage and how to become the woman your husband absolutely cannot live without.
    It is a much-needed blueprint to help married women walk in the power and purpose of who God created them to be while creating an irresistible marriage.
    In a day and age where there are more divorces than successful marriages we really need a book like this to show us biblical principles of what a God centered marriage relationship is like. This book does just that!
    Michelle Wilson – Senior Producer, The 700 Club
    Senior Producer, The 700 Club

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