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Helping Women to Discover their Divine Purpose

Equipping them to Unleash the Potential to fulfill their Life Mandate

Glow Women’s Network is a spiritual incubator to nourish women in the right moral atmosphere for the effective development of their life purpose. We are experienced spiritual and practical midwives that aid in birthing divine dreams, unlocking potentials and teaching biblical principles to help in achieving their divine mandate.

Members Only Benefits

Create The Right Product for the Market

How To Create The Right Product Type For Your Target Market

Glow VIP Community

You will also be a part of a GLOW VIP community as you access members only empowering resources and interact with women from around the world.


You will receive audio podcast that challenge, provoke and empower you with innovative strategies to live your best in God

Private Facebook Live Group

You will be included in a private facebook live Group as you receiving special coaching to help you apply the strategies from Glow network

Monthly Teleconference

We will be organizing a special monthly Teleconference that will host Industry experts who will answer pertinent questions that plagues women and keeps them from their optimal leaving.


You will be receiving a weekly E-Newsletter that will featuring empowering articles, testimonies and entrepreneurial strategies to Help you stay on track to your goals.

Special Interviews

Special monthly interviews from Top experts from different industries to equip you with success strategies to gain the leverage needed for your success in your endeavors

Special Members Bonus

You will be receiving a special weekly coaching through your Email that will help you to unleash your potential for Greatness. At the End of the Month you will an E-book that is filled with empowering concepts to live the life of your dreams.

We believe every woman has the potential to radiate the glory of the divine destiny to illuminate the Doman of influence with the goodness of their divine call.  Therefore we take them through a rigorous regiment of discipline to develop their capacity to shine firth their worth.


Glow has the potential to enrich women to maximize their output and reach incredible height in the expectation. Such responsibilty will take great financial investment and we will be glad if you will partner with us to offset such burden. As a partner you join our wonderful family that network to touhc the nation for Christ.

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  • I was really blessed by the program. It was encouraging to hear the testimonies and the message was such an eye opener for me. Since that day, I have refused to see myself any other way other than how God sees me. I have noticed a change in my life.  I am ready to step up to the calling on my life without the fear of failing holding me back. Thank you for allowing the Lord use you, I look forward to attending more to come, Amen. Praise God!

    Ayileru N. Morton
    Connecticut USA
  • I want to thank you again for extending the invitation to me.The GLOW conference was more than I anticipated!I had a wonderful opportunity to fellowship with women from all walks of life. Although there was such diversity in the room, it was amazing to see that all of the women had the same goal, personal growth in every area of their life!The message shared by Pastor Mantey was fulfiling.His message on identity has forced me to confront the issues that are hindering my personal growth.It is clear that your organization is tapping into something every woman can benefit greatly from!Thank you again for extending the invitation.
    Shamain Johnson read more

    Shamain Johnson
  • “Success is not what you get, but who you are. It’s a process of becoming. Jim Rohn says, ‘if you want to have more you have to become more”.
    Pamela Mantey – Irresistible Wife Book
    Irresistible Wife Book
  • “Your past experiences are insignificant until you can use them to solve your present problems” – Pamela Mantey

    Pamela Mantey

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