It takes Money Honey Mastermind Coaching Instalment


It Takes Money Honey Mastermind Group Coaching is 8-week Mastermind Group Coaching, advanced Wealth Creation and personal development program led by life Coach and Business Consultant and trainer Pamela Mantey. The program includes:

  1. Motivation, Constant Direction and Support;

  2. Quickly Launch Your Product And Make It Profitable Get Accountability, Action Steps,

  3. How to Craft Sales Copy That’s Speaks Directly To Your Customers and Moves Them to Purchase)

  4. How To Create High Value Ebooks,Manuals, and Professional Videos On A Budget

  5. How to Reach Your Ideal Customers By Masses On The Internet)

  6. The Secret to Finding Choosing A Niche Market That’s Ready to Buy

In between the mastermind meetings you’ll have access to our private online membership group and Private Facebook Live Private Group where each and every day the group is sharing their newest promotions that are working
for them and the big business breakthroughs they’re having so that you can easily swipe and model their success.
Speed of success is amplified because of the online group and the constant sharing of what’s working now to drive your business to the TOP.
THIS IT TAKES MONEY HONEY MASTERMIND GROUP WILL BECOME LIKE A FAMILY. Plus, each month you get access to PAMELA AND MY BUSINESS EXPERTS via email as well as a monthly coaching call to answer any questions you might have and to give you direction and specific action steps when you need it most. that’s quite a bonus (worth $2,500 if you booked a coaching session with me).
As you probably already know being an Entrepreneur PROMISES A LIFESTYLE OF FREEDOM and this mastermind program is designed to help you get there faster than you every thought possible.
The cost for your membership is only $1,500 for the 6 month Mastermind program. Most Programs will charge $7500 and up for the amount of Value we are sharing….But Tonight you don’t have to Pay $1500, you can get the entire 6 Month program for $800.00 for a 1 time Payment or $250 for a monthly pay as you go….
We will Give You 30 DAY Satisfaction or Full Refund Guarantee…There’s No Risk, to Find Out If This Group Is For You… … And You Get AN Extra Personal Private Coaching Session With Us If You DO Decide STAY after 30 Days Valued at $5000 as a Bonus.
We are giving you over $10,000 in bonuses and Value…Invest in Yourself, Take Your Business and Life to Next Level with the it takes money honey Mastermind Group…Aren’t you tired of Trying…It’s Time for you to Stop Trying and Start Doing…Take Action Now.




It takes Money Honey Mastermind Coaching
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From Pamela

“I’m looking forward to teaching you innovative Business strategies  offer the technological tools available today to help you create the wealth you desire. This practical yet easy Mastermind Coaching is the world’s most comprehensive personal development, Business Growth Acceleration and professional achievement system. Learn all the secrets of the world’s most accomplished people by registering today!

— Pamela Mantey
Presidentof Glow Women’s Network

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YES, I understand that spaces are limited, so it’s important that I act now before registration closes for the June 2017 course and events.

YES, enroll me in the 8-Week start  of It takes Money Honey Mastermind Coaching. I understand that upon registration I will receive access to an online member’s area, where I will receive weekly training videos and resources from Pamela. Videos will be released at the beginning of each week for 8 weeks, followed by a group coaching call with Pamela at the end of each week. The first Module will be sent to me in 48 hours to allow for close of registration, and then every 7 days afterwards for Eight  weeks. Coaching calls will happen a few days after each video is released. I can take the training at my own pace because I’ll be able to access the videos (and the coaching call recordings), for LIFE!

What would your business look like if you had a group of like-minded entrepreneurs helping you with the challenges you face? What if you had experts on speed dial who could give you proven methods for achieving success?

If you answered, I NEED THAT, I WANT THAT, MUST HAVE THAT,…then I have GREAT NEWS for

Mastermind Groups are becoming a mandatory tool in the Entrepreneur’s tool kit…It has become a proven model to Get RESULTS faster than going it alone.The Glow Network Mastermind will help you to 5 Simple things:

  • Develop Your Expertise
  • Grow Your Network
  • Expand Your Resources
  • Build in Accountability Partners

IN ADDITION, You will have Hands on Access to my Partner Global Leader, Business Development and Marketing Expert – Mr. Reindorf Mantey bringing
over 2 Decades of Personal Development and Mindset Training to Help you GROW as your Business Grows!!!

Yes, I understand that I will be sent full online login details after I register.


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